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“We believe it is time to stop putting trust in career politicians. If we want meaningful reform of the Ontario Government, we need to vote for proven leaders in our communities. That is who we are, and we are hear to return accountability, transparency, and integrity to the Ontario Government!”

Tommy Caldwell, MBA– London North Centre

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Hello, and welcome to your New Blue Team Page, my name is Tommy Caldwell. Foremost I am a father, a husband, and a staunch advocate for health, wellbeing, and personal responsibility. Professionally speaking, I am a lifelong entrepreneur and writer. I own three local small businesses, and I have written two books, one of them being a bestseller.

I witnessed firsthand the corruption, manipulation, and lack of transparency from our local government throughout the pandemic.

Provincial and Federal Governments eroded bodily autonomy while using coercion and fear tactics to force compliance with medical interventions. Those who declined or pushed back were degraded by our ‘leaders’. Politicians formed policy and legislation based on social media outrage rather than leveraging pragmatism and genuine leadership. Doug Ford forced the closure of several small businesses while giant enterprises hit record profits. Mom and pop shops claimed bankruptcy while billions in taxpayer funds went to Federal corporate bailouts by the Liberal Government.

I’m tired of being under the thumb of a political system that serves the top 1% of our society with closed-room deals and cross-party backscratching. I know you are too. It is time to return political power to the people and heal a fractured society.

I promise to serve my community with honesty, integrity, and transparency. If that is what you want in a local leader, I hope you’ll consider supporting me through the ballot box.

Kris Hunt- London West

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As a Top 20 Under 40 award recipient (London Mag) and local entrepreneur with boundless energy, Kris wants to bring back the focus on small business and help get Ontario’s economy back on track. Small businesses are the heartbeat of any thriving economy, as they are the top employer and key driver of innovation. Not only that, they help fund all of the generous social programs we have built in Ontario.

Born in London, Ontario, Kris graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce Degree from Dalhousie University in 2007. After his studies he headed back to London, a hotbed of business innovation, to pursue his entrepreneurial goals. After the 2008 economic meltdown, Kris invested in London’s downtown core when few others were willing to. He has since helped others open businesses all across Ontario. His businesses have been featured in multiple publications and have won several awards. 

In the community, he’s a proud supporter of the Alzheimer Society, various outreach programs, and children’s charities. Through voluntary support Kris has contributed over $100,000 to organizations that remain focused on strengthening their communities in the last 12 years.

Since 2008, Kris has seen London’s local economy roar back to life, only to be hurt again by many of the policies instituted by the provincial government. These policies helped large corporations profit immensely at the expense of small businesses. In order for London and Ontario to thrive again, we must shift from a government beholden to corporate lobbyists, and return to honest and pragmatic leadership.

Adriana Alexandra Medina- London Fanshawe

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As a longtime London – Fanshawe resident and energetic advocate, Adriana has a passion for social justice, health care, housing, and for preventing all gender based violence. Along with improving mental and physical health and education, she believes in giving back to the community and improving people’s lives.

Adriana has dedicated some of her time as a Support Line Worker with the Canadian Mental Health Association Elgin – Middlesex. She has extensive community-based leadership experience as a project/marketing coordinator, as well as a fundraiser. Her broad range of skills include administering youth programs, mentoring and teaching, and being liaison between schools and stakeholders at municipal, provincial and federal levels. 

As a community-based trainer, teacher and coordinator Adriana has worked consistently and tirelessly for her community to provide an equitable response to needs in a caring and respectful manner. She has worked with the City of London Child and Youth Network, as well as with the London Anti-Bullying Coalition, the Cross Cultural Learners Centre and the Ontario Early Years Programs which shows her commitment and passion for social justice.

Adriana holds a Social Science Degree from Western University, and has a Bachelor of Education Degree from Colombia. Ongoing professional development includes courses in Social Work at King’s College, certification in Indigenous Training for Mental Health Care Providers (UBC), Healthy Child Development (City of London), and Critical Incident Stress Management (Middlesex-London Health Unit).

She lives in the riding of London – Fanshawe with her husband Arvid, and her sons Juan Pablo and David.

Matt Millar- Elgin Middlesex London

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Matt Millar is a lifelong Lambeth resident, a 3rd-generation fruit farmer, and a small business owner who has a great deal of experience working with the public. With your support, he will bring his principles of hard work, long hours, building community, and entrepreneurial grit to the Ontario Legislature.

Matt is a small ‘c’ conservative who believes in reducing the size and power of government, and returning more autonomy and responsibility to individuals.

In 2018, out of a sense of civic duty, Matt mounted a last-minute solo campaign for London Ward 9 Councillor, finishing second to the incumbent. And after experiencing the egregious overreach, squelching of individual rights, and divisive language and actions from all levels of government during the pandemic, Matt again felt called to step up, and provide an actual conservative option for his fellow citizens.

Joining the PC Party was not an option, as he would be under the boot of Doug Ford, and we have seen MPPs like Belinda Karahalios get removed from the party for speaking out against authoritarianism.

The New Blue Party, Ontario’s only true conservative party, is a perfect fit, with strong leadership and a solid foundation built by a grassroots effort of like-minded Ontarians.

Matt is not a polished political operative with insider connections, but he is ready to listen to, and fight for, his fellow Elgin-Middlesex-London residents and restore transparency and accountability to our provincial government!

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